Fishing Licenses

Buy Fishing Licenses Online

Buy Fishing Licenses Online

We are offering this resource as a central location to find fishing licenses and boat registrations for each state. This is just a resource that takes you to the appropriate page to purchase the license in the state you want to fish. If you have issues with your license purchase, you’ll need to contact the site or state where you purchased your license. Wired2fish has nothing to do with the actual sales of the licenses. We merely provide this to help anglers find a license to fish for each state.

If you’re planning a fishing trip to another state, this will help get you ready to fish. Your license dollars contribute the majority of the funding that cares for the fisheries in a state.

Click the state you wish to purchase your license or select it from the drop down list below the map if the map is not working on your internet connected device.

If you need more information on fishing licenses on certain states, we’ll be adding state pages for the most popular fishing states. Check out the Florida fishing license info page for now.

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