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Best Fishing Nets for 2023

Best Fishing Nets for 2023

A good fishing net is not only handy but it generally means you care about the catch and want to give it a fighting chance. Especially if you’re fishing for some of the more fragile species like trout and crappie. You can quickly get the fish landed and unhooked and released or ready to shoot a quick photo before dropping it back in the water. And it’s super handy when you have that personal best trophy on the line, sometimes light line and want to be sure you see the fight through to the end. So we thought we’d suggest the best fishing nets for a variety of fishing situations to help you be more prepared for your next big catch.

We’ve tried to test and research a lot of nets to figure out the best ones for the different applications anglers will face in fishing where a net can really help. Things like wade fishing, kayak fishing, big game fishing, traveling to fish, and more. So let’s take a look at some good options on various budgets and various fishing types of nets.


Frabill Conservation PLD Net 2612


Frabill Conservation PLD Net 2612

There have been newer nets come out over the years, but we keep going back to old faithful which for us is the Frabill Conservation Series of nets. And our favorite would be the improved PLD Net 2612. This net is packed with features, durable construction and netting that doesn’t harm the fish. The telescoping handle extends easily and is easy to handle with molded rubber grips. The flat bottom allows the fish to sink into the net and stay there without worry of flopping out during the landing. The Pow’R Loc yoke is strong and easy to maneuver.

This is a big long net that will handle a lot of big catches for a lot of years. The net is well made and doesn’t hurt the fish and your lures come out of the net quickly and easily thanks to the rubberizedd coating

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Plusinno floating folding fish landing net


PLUSINNO Floating Folding Fish Landing Net

We were not as familiar with this brand before testing so we got one to try out as it’s one of the most popular nets online. For the price we were pleasantly surprised at how light and easy to use and store this net is. And it floats which is an added bonus. There has been a really good sale on these nets where you could get them for under $30. So that to us makes these nets a steal. Whether you’re in your boat, fishing out of a kayak or even just wading or walking the bank. This is a great budget folding net for you.

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handy pak fishing net


Handy Pak Insta-Net L Series

This has been one of my favorite nets. Admittedly I hardly ever use a net while fishing in a boat. I swing a lot of fish. But when I’m wading, traveling, kayaking and fly fishing, I use a net a lot more to handle hard to wrangle fish like trout, smallmouth and fish in current. And this net is quickly accessible, easily packable and just downright handy.

It takes some time to learn how to twist the hoop to get it to double fold over itself to go back in its patented storage pouch that threads onto your wading belt. The rubber hoops are nice. I’ve been using it a lot BFS fishing for trout with barbless hooks and most times I can scoop a trout, and hold it in the water and it will most of the time wiggle free itself in the net. And I can quickly scoop and release and get back to fishing. I’ve landed some big smallmouth in it just to see what it can handle and it does get a little squirrel under a big load. But it’s perfect for lots of fish up to 3 pounds which is most of what you catch wading and bank fishing. And it packs down into a bag for trips really well.

These are handmade nets from a small US shop so they are a little more. But I absolutely love mine and highly recommend it if you are an avid fisherman off the beaten path.

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ForEverlast G2 Pro Wading Net


ForEverlast G2 Pro Wading Net

These have been staple nets for coastal wade fishermen for years. And they are still a solid, affordable choice. What’s not to love about them. From the ergonomic easy to grip handles to the floating ability, to the retractable bungee clip that comes out of the handle. This net has it all at an excellent price. Again these are nets hand made in the USA from a small shop so it does take a week or so to get the net. But for the money as a wader or just an easy throw in the boat net, you can’t go wrong with the G2 Pro.

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FishUSA Premium Trout Net


FishUSA Premium Trout Net

FishUSA knows trout. From fly fishing to BFS and Rapalas to JDM flat side minnows, FishUSA always has the best gear for trout anglers. And their in-house line of tackle covers rainbows in small creeks to big river run steelhead and everything in between. So their nets are high quality, no nonsense nets made to last you through a decade of hardcore trout fishing.

The FishUSA Premium Trout Net features light durability thanks to the carbon fiber/fiberglass composite build in the frame and deep quality rubber mesh netting. These nets are made to make it super easy to land, unhook big trout and go. The 8 inch handle is perfect for close quarter work in the middle of a stream while fighting a rambunctious trout. The rubberized grips make the net super easy to handle in wet conditions. While the total length of 26 inches keeps this net compact and easy to tote around on your hip or clipped to your vest while hunting your personal best trout.

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Whisker Seeker Extender Net


Whisker Seeker eXtender Landing Net

This net was built out of years of having to suffer through issues with subpar nets trying to land trophy catfish. So they packed it full of the features that wished they had until they built their own. Starting with the four-position extendable handle that gives you up to 68 inches of reach when needed on the medium net and 74 inches on the large net. The DuraGrip handle keeps the net secure in your hands while wrestling monster fish into the boat or onto the bank. And it collapses down easily when not in use.

You can get this net with hoop size up to 31 inches by 28 inches in a teardrop shape with a wide mouth for scooping monster fish easily. The heavy duty reinforced yoke gives you the power torque to be able to swing big fish into the boat without worrying about your net failing you. And with a depth up to 32 inches on the large net you can be assured your fish won’t wrangle themselves back out of the net before you have a chance to land them.

The Control grip at the base of the hoop is an added bonus for lifting really large fish over a gunnel or up onto the bank with a lot more control than at the end of a long handle. All in all this is a well thought out net that handles the big fish with ease.

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