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10 of the Craziest Fishing Videos You’ll See

10 of the Craziest Fishing Videos You’ll See

A lot of crazy fishing videos come across our desks each year, so we decided to share a handful of them in one place. We chose these particular videos because they show some crazy things fishing that you might not see anywhere else.

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Shaw Grigsby Performs Surgery on Jason Christie’s Hand

10 of the Craziest Fishing Videos You’ll See

This one is a little tough to watch. On the last cast of the day, pro angler Jason Christie hooked himself in the meat of his hand with a big topwater lure. Apparently, legendary angler Shaw Grigsby is the go-to guy for hook removals on tour and he was called in to do the “surgery”. The rest of the video speaks for itself.

So here’s where we have to say it: Viewer discretion is advised.

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Scary Boating Accident Captured in Fishing Tournament

10 of the Craziest Fishing Videos You’ll See

College anglers Hunter Bland and Conner Young of the University of Florida bass fishing team were ejected from their boat while running to their first spot after blast off at the FLW College Fishing tournament on Lake Seminole this past weekend. According to sources at the event, a locknut came loose on their hydraulic steering which took away the operator’s ability to steer, and they lost control of the boat running nearly 60 mph on pad. It looks in the video like the boat hooked after planing over another’s wake.

Thankfully neither angler was injured and the footage is some of the most amazing we’ve seen of an on the water accident during a fishing tournament. Please use this scary event as a solemn reminder to wear your safety gear and have your boat’s steering, motor mounts and trailers checked routinely.

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Fishing Tournament Cheaters Stopped

10 of the Craziest Fishing Videos You’ll See

Editor’s Note: Video has been removed by the user.

Angler Toby Lillard had a friend share a video after he discovered a 55-gallon drum filled with a limit of big largemouth bass on Barkley Lake. The drum had holes drilled in it and a makeshift door for quick, easy access to the fish which were attached to culling buoys.

Fishing tournament cheaters have been known to sink these drums beneath the water and fill them with fish they catch during the days leading up to the tournament. When the tournament starts, they’ll sneak back to the drum, retrieve the fish, put them in their livewells and weigh them in.

If you ever find yourself in a similar situation, we strongly suggest you immediately contact your local DNR and give them the exact location of the trap. Do not tamper with or empty the trap. This will allow the game wardens to set up a sting operation so they can catch and charge the ones responsible when they return to retrieve the fish.

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Butch Brown Releases a 65-pound Limit of Bass

10 of the Craziest Fishing Videos You’ll See

Butch Brown is one of the most popular big swimbait anglers in the world and this video proves exactly why. Did we mention he also had a 18 1/2-pound kicker?

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Hackney Catches 10-pounder on a Live Crappie

10 of the Craziest Fishing Videos You’ll See

While filming a crappie fishing show with Wally “Mr. Crappie” Marshall on Sam Rayburn, professional bass angler Greg Hackney has a giant bass eat his crappie that was stuck on a brush pile. The veteran angler lands both fish on 4-pound line!

Fast-forward to the 25-minute mark to see it happen.

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Angler Nearly Shot While Fishing a Pond

10 of the Craziest Fishing Videos You’ll See

The story goes that this angler was fishing on a local pond while his neighbors were shooting guns on the adjacent property. In the video, a stray bullet appears to whiz by his head. If this is a legit video, we’re still left wondering who shoots guns so close to houses and neighbors.

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18-pound Bass Released on Video

10 of the Craziest Fishing Videos You’ll See

This behemoth weighed in at 18 pounds, 1 ounce and was caught on a big swimbait in California. We’re really happy to see how well the angler handles the trophy largemouth bass during the release. According to the angler, he caught the same fish later in the year and it weighed 18 pounds, 5 ounces the second time.

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14-pound Bass Caught from Float Tube

10 of the Craziest Fishing Videos You’ll See

What a giant bass to catch from a float tube! There is a lot of screaming in this video (I think we all understand that), so you might want to turn the volume down a bit while watching this one. This bass was caught on a Deps Slide Swimmer 250 by Ryan Devlin of Ontario, California.

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Barefoot Log Rolling for Big Smallmouth Bass

10 of the Craziest Fishing Videos You’ll See

Wired2Fish field producer Kyle Peterson is part American Ninja Warrior apparently. He’s done this hundreds of times and there’s a reason we call him “Critter”. Anglers have been shimmying out on logs for centuries to reach fish others couldn’t. Please don’t try this at home.

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Angler Nearly Struck By Lighting in Bass Boat

10 of the Craziest Fishing Videos You’ll See

This may seem like cool footage to some, but Tucker Owings was really lucky to avoid any injury when lightning struck just feet in front of his bass boat.

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