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Bryan New’s Versatile ARK Rod Setups for Bass Fishing

Bryan New’s Versatile ARK Rod Setups for Bass Fishing

Fishing rod manufacturers have created a slew of technique-specific rods, yet most anglers will do just fine with a handful of versatile setups. Bryan New shares his top 4 mixed-use rods based on his primary fish styles. From cranking to topwater, New delves into the importance of having versatile equipment for every fishing scenario.

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  1. Medium Power Regular Action Rod. This medium power all-arounder is ideal for cranking but is adept at other moving baits like crankbaits, soft jerkbaits, and swimbaits. New favors a relatively slow reel for this rod, typically around 5.4:1. The more parabolic rod bend absorbs shock and prevent hooks from tearing out with trebled baits.
  2. Medium Heavy Power Fast Action Rod. This rod excels in various topwater techniques such as buzzbaits, prop baits, and walking plugs. Furthermore, it proves equally adept for spinnerbaits and light flipping.


New narrows down to two key spinning rods that can cover a wide range of fishing needs.

  1. Medium Light Power Fast Action Rod. Perfect for drop shotting, Damiki rigging, and other light wire hook and line finesse techniques, this rod’s fast action and sensitive blank efficiently transmit subtle bites. Likewise, its lighter action prevents overpowering the bait during both working and on the hookset.
  2. Medium Power Fast Action Rod. Offering more power and hook-setting ability, this rod is ideal for shaky heads, wacky worms, and other baits requiring weedless rigging.

Bryan New’s bass fishing rod selection approach balances technique-specific performance with versatile options. By understanding the nuances of each rod and its ideal applications, anglers can confidently tackle any situation on the water with just a few rods. 

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