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Gamakatsu G-Stinger Hook Benefits and Rigging

Gamakatsu G-Stinger Hook Benefits and Rigging
Traditional slide-on trailer hooks are a standard fixture on spinnerbaits, but loop stinger hooks have unique benefits and applications. Jeremy Lawyer introduces the versatile Gamakatsu G-Stinger hook, showcasing its finesse as a trailer hook in various fishing situations. Lawyer highlights the effectiveness and durability of this underutilized “extra” hook in some key applications.
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  1. Versatility and Strength: Lawyer demonstrates the G-Stinger’s adaptability by attaching it to different baits, including spinnerbaits and spoons. This hook withstands significant stress without the braid breaking, ensuring longevity and reliability.
  2. Finesse Trailer Hook: Particularly effective as a finesse trailer hook, the G-Stinger stands out with its piece of braided line. Lawyer emphasizes how the hint of red on the hook can attract pressured fish, leading to more bites and hookups from finicky fish.
  3. Simple Application: The ease of attaching the G-Stinger is a key benefit. Lawyer explains the straightforward process of half-hitching the hook to your bait, ensuring a secure and effective setup.
  4. Multiple Sizes for Various Needs: The G-Stinger Hook is available in several sizes, catering to various lure styles and sizes.


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