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Crankbait Fishing Simplified: Tips from Pro Keith Carson

Crankbait Fishing Simplified: Tips from Pro Keith Carson

Join bass fishing pro Keith Carson in this comprehensive guide to crankbait fishing. Whether you’re experienced or new to bass fishing, this video is packed with insights on choosing and using crankbaits for bass in various conditions.

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  • Understanding Crankbaits. Carson breaks down the overwhelming world of crankbaits, emphasizing the importance of choosing ones baits that match your fishing style and your conditions.
  • Temperature Matters. Learn how water temperature influences crankbait selection. Carson highlights the effectiveness of flat-sided crankbaits in water temperatures ranging from 50 to 65 degrees and transitioning to more aggressive wobbling baits as the water warms above 60 degrees.
  • Deep Water Tactics. Discover the power of the Berkley Dredger for summertime ledge fishing in warm water, where aggressive action can be vital in generating big bites.
  • Line Tips. Gain insights into line selection for crankbait fishing. While Carson prefers the 12 pound line, he discusses options for lighter lines to achieve greater depths.


  • Simplified Color Choices. Simplify your tackle box with Carson’s three essential crankbait colors: Shad, craw, and bluegill/brim imitators. His go-to color, Ghost Morning Dawn, works across various conditions.
  • Versatile Applications. Build your cranking confidence by being open-minded and experimenting with different crankbaits and fishing them around all kinds of areas. Carson encourages anglers to lock a crankbait rod in their hand for a day, knowing they’ll come away with a success story.
  • The Art of Crankbait FishingHow to fish crankbaits is essential. Understand the importance of bouncing crankbaits off structure and cover and the role of water temperature in fish behavior. Carson’s approach ensures you get bites and learn from the fish.
Whether it’s selecting the right crankbait, understanding the influence of water temperature, or perfecting your presentation, Keith Carson’s crankbait fishing tips will get you on the right track with this versatile lure category.
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